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All you need is an Instagram account

Selling your new or used fashion brand items?
Take a picture of the item, add hashtags that describe your item (be sure to add a #Queensta hashtag) and publish the picture. Once you link your Instagram account, the images containing #Queensta hashtag will be uploaded to your online store.
Queensta gives you the opportunity to connect with a community of millions of people that are already on Instagram within minutes.

Discover a new way of online shopping with Queensta

All of your favorite fashion brands in your Instagram feed

Queensta helps you discover luxury fashion items, and connect with other Queensta users. Discover hundreds of items from brands like Escada, Tom Ford, and dozens more!
Browse through your feed, like, comment and chat with other Queensta users.
Queensta is powered by Stripe which allows you to make safe, instant purchases.


Try to win

Queensta gives you the opportunity to maintain an account balance in “Q currency” which you can spend at any given time.
You can purchase  Q currency via Paypal or any other supported payment methods. 1 Q equates to 1 US dollar.
You can earn extra Q’s by sharing the Queensta platform on Facebook. A total of 5Q’s is automatically credited upon a successful share. Additionally, after a purchase you earn a rebound of 1% of the purchase amount in Q’s.v
Queensta has an integrated slot machine which gives you the opportunity to win a desired item. Each turn costs $5 and you can try your luck as many time as you like. The slot machine has 3 windows. Each turn grants you 1 spin. If 3 identical “Q” images appear at the end of a spin, you will be declared a winner.
Only 3 matching Q’s determine a win. None of the other symbols when matching are relevant.